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PR Kick – Crowdfunding PR Has Done Right

PR Kick is a crowdfunding PR agency located in Las Vegas, NV. Founded in 2014 by digital marketers and crowdfunding enthusiasts, it’s now the largest crowdfunding marketing service. Long gone are the days when your sole means of raising money was venture capital. Turns out it's being completely eclipsed by crowdfunding. That's right, Forbes recently reported that crowdfunding will soon be the most popular means of financing to date. So what's the secret? Why are so many people drawn to this form of fundraising? Well, it has a lot to do with the way crowdfunding allows you to market your project.


The most popular methods of marketing are PR strategies and outreach. These two methods ensure that you get get plenty of visibility and guarantees that you are able to secure a large amount of backers. And the PRkick best part about it is, they are cost effective so you never have to worry about stretching past your budget. Also, you will never have to spam people with ads. By discovering your project naturally, your project comes across as more organic.


However, even though these methods have helped people to earn thousands, even millions, they are nothing without the proper platform. It's extremely important that you choose the best crowdfunding platform. Sure, Indiegogo and Kickstarter are two of the most widely known platforms, but are they really the best PR Kick Reviews? Will they give you the ability to manage your PR outreach? Are they taking note of what the big companies are doing? And if not, is there a company that will?


PR Kick is a crowdfunding PR agency that is tucked away in the heart of Las Vegas, nearest to the Las Vegas Strip. Ever since 2013, they have taken part in some of the biggest crowdfunding projects ever started and their main goal is to ensure that Kickstart and Indiegogo crowdfunders have access to quality PR outreach. By applying the exact same strategies and tactics that the larger companies use on startups and crowdfunding projects, they have been able to achieve maximum visibility and financial growth.


So what is the power of using a well-planning PR campaign? Well, before PR Kick became involved, a lot of companies can attest to having started with only 10 to 20 thousand dollars given towards their projects. If lucky, some of the larger projects would raise a couple of hundred thousand from time to time. However, with the help of experienced professionals who understand the value of a quality PR campaign, they have now quadrupled these initial figures and are able to raise more in a smaller amount of time. Some of the larger projects are able to raise millions each and every week. Their projects are now being seen by more and more people every day.


And this is why many people are starting to realize the power of PR Kick and other companies like it. In fact, every week there are dozens of companies that apply to have their projects reviewed online. If you would like to work with PR Kick, then send in your project. The great thing about it is, the review process only takes a few minutes. So schedule an appointment to speak with a specialist today. Find out everything you need to know about this expert from our website at PRkick.com today.